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All our lighting products are high quality and include all the recognised brands. Any type of lamp, tube or bulb can be supplied - from standard incandescent GLS and candle bulbs, energy saving lamps (low energy), LED lights, capsule bulbs, compact fluorescent, fluorescent tubes, dicroic halogen display lamps, reflector and par lamps for retail uses, to high-intensity sodium (SON, SOX), metal halide and mercury lamps for industrial and factory installations. A variety of specialist lamps are available, including: photographic, aquatic and reptile, fly killer tubes and SAD lights. Please call us for advice on your requirements.

Incandescent Lamps

GLS, Candle, PAR, Reflector, Striplight, Pygmy, Golfball, Globe

Fluorescent Tubes

Halophosphate, Triphosphor, Circular, Blacklight, U-tube, UVS, Shatterproof

Compact Fluorescent Lamps

2D (Double D), S series, SE series, T series, TE series, D series, DE series, L series

Tungsten Halogen Lamps

Dicroic, Open front, glass fronted, Closed reflector, PAR, AR111, Capsule, Linear

Discharge Lamps

Ceramic metal halide, Quartz metal halide, Sodium SON, SOX, Mercury MBF

Display Lamps

Architechtural, cabinet, spotlight, PAR reflector

Specialist Lamps

Ruby, Infrared, Catering, Veterinary, Husbandry, Conference, Theatre, Dental Halogen

Capsule Bulbs

Projector, Cabinet, Halogen

Energy Saving / Low Energy

Retrofit, GLS, Candle, Golfball, Reflector, Spotlight Globe, G54, Triple-turn, Spiral, Dimmable

Control Gear

Ballasts, Chokes, Transformers, Ignitors, Starters

Light Fittings

Industrial, Outdoor, Decorative, Emergency, Security, Downlight, Uplight, Track Lights, Floodlights

LED Lighting

Multi 'chip', Golfball, Candle, Colour changing

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